Why Consumer Protection is Important?

Because the consumer is relatively weak against the producers and sellers. They cannot use their rights against producers and sellers' army of lawyers. Because, as a result of technological developments, mass production is widely used around the World and many goods or services that are harmful to human health can be sold in the market. Human is the consumer from cradle to grave. Consumerism is a quality that starts before birth and continues for a while after death. Because the universal identity of the people of the world, regardless of their race, color, language, political views, and similar elements are the common destiny they share, they are consumers. Because the conditions of many contracts are determined by the sellers unilaterally and consumers have to sign without knowing these conditions. Protecting such a large mass is of course important.

Who is the consumer?

Consumer; a person who buys or consumes a good or service for special purposes. Buyers who buy goods for commercial purposes are not consumers. The companies are not consumers, because they do business, but if they buy food and stationery for final use, they become consumers here.

What are consumer rights?

The right to protect consumer health and safety.
The right to protect the economic interests of the consumer.
The consumer's right to be compensated.
Consumer's right to environmental protection.
The right to information and education of the consumer.
The consumer's right to be organized and represented.

What is defective goods or service?

Defective goods and defective service;

· In the package, label, description and operating instructions

· Promised by Seller or

· Contrary to the nature or quantity of

· Goods or services that contain material, legal or economic deficiencies that reduce or eliminate the benefits that the consumer expects to do with it.

 More specifically, defective, damaged, torn, out of date, disabled goods and services are defective goods or services.

 What can the consumer do when the defective goods or services are sold to the consumer?

 He can get back the money he pays.

He may return the defective goods he received and ask to replace it with a new one.

He may ask for the repair of defect on the goods.

You may ask for a discount on the rate you pay.

Consumers will choose which of these rights?

The consumer can choose what they want from these rights. Sellers have to fulfill the consumer's request no matter what.

Is there any time limitation to use these rights?

The consumer must check the product received within 15 days of the delivery of the goods and inform the seller if there is a problem. He should state which of the rights mentioned above can be used. If the defect is hidden and appeared a few months later, the consumer may use the same rights within 2 years at the latest.

Who can these rights be raised against?

This right may be used against any of the manufacturers, dealers, agents, importers. Jointly and severally responsible. They must fulfill the consumer's wishes.

What should the consumer do if they do not fulfill these rights?

The consumer may go to the Arbitration Committees of Consumer Problems to fulfill these requests. These delegations were established within each governorship and every district governorate. Consumers can apply to these delegations with only one petition and a receipt of the received goods. No charges are incurred. The decision of this committee is not binding. If the consumer is not satisfied with the decision, he can apply to the court. He can sue to the consumer courts. No fees are charged in the court. A petition, invoice, and guarantee document, etc. must be given.

What are the rights of consumers in installments?

  A contract sample must be given to the consumer. Price of the product, the total debt amount, payment dates, etc. such information should be provided. The consumer may pay all or part of his debts before the due date. In case of early payment, an interest reduction is mandatory.

What are the consumer rights in warranty-certified sales?

In the case of a guarantee certified sales, the seller must fill out the warranty certificate and give it to the consumer. In the event of a failure in the product, it can be replaced if it is notified to the service if it is not repairable. The warranty period is at least 1 year. It can't be less, but it can be more. The consumer may use his / her rights arising out of the warranty certificate, refunding or changing the goods.

What are consumer information and education?

Which right do consumers have, in which case? What are the responsibilities? How, where and when they should seek their rights? How can they communicate their wishes when making legal arrangements concerning them?

What is consumer organization?

Many consumer associations have been established to inform consumers, to teach their rights and to represent consumers while making different arrangements. These associations represent consumers in various authorities. Consumers may be members of any association. They can benefit from their support.


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